Live Ukrainian TV: TV Rivne 1 from Rivne

Watch TV Rivne 1 Live TV from Rivne

Watch TV Rivne 1 Live TV from Rivne

TV Rivne 1

Watch TV Rivne 1 Live TV from Rivne


For 25 years, the R1 media group has been independent in its editorial activities from political or economic influences. The main part of the income is the income from the sale of advertising. Actively cooperates in partnership with local business, which allows to ensure monetization of media directions, self-sufficiency and sustainability in development. Own revenues from advertising also allow creating new, modern, meaningful and interesting content with high value for the audience, making it the most popular among various target groups in each of the directions of the media group.

In 1995, the call signs "Rovno 1" appeared on the screens of the Rivne region. Over the years, the creative team was able to gain a firm foothold in the country's television broadcasting market and take leading positions in the region. The main feature of these programs was the efficiency, objectivity and unusual presentation of the material. The independent position of the TV channel made it possible to achieve a high trust rating in the shortest possible time.

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