Live Ukrainian TV: TV-4 from Ternopil

Watch TV-4 Live TV from Ternopil

Watch TV-4 Live TV from Ternopil

TV-4 Live TV from Ternopil

Watch TV-4 Live TV from Ternopil


"TV-4" is your family's TV channel. Our slogan is "TV-4 - with you every day". We set ourselves the main goal: to create high-quality regional television. And we have been going to her for over 30 years. TV-4 works with local information, tells about the people, problems and prospects of the Ternopil region.

Residents of Ternopil region can see themselves, their relatives and acquaintances, discuss and take direct part in solving the problems of the city and region. Prompt work of journalists, the latest local news, high-quality own product brought TV-4 recognition in the region and in Ukraine.

The channel began broadcasting on September 16, 1991. Then it was the first non-state regional TV channel in the western region of Ukraine. This TV channel also became the first in Ternopil, the signal of which could be received on a decimeter antenna.

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