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Branch of the joint-stock company "National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine" Regional Directorate Public Poltava (formerly - Poltava Regional State Television and Radio Company "Ltava", Poltava ODTRK "Ltava", PODTRK "Ltava") - Poltava Regional Television and Radio Company. Since 2017 it is a branch of the Ukrainian Public Broadcasting - the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine.

The date from which "Suspilne Poltava" counts down is considered to be December 27, 1937, when the editorial office of Poltava Regional Radio began its work, which aired with local news on the wire broadcast network. July 1, 1977 is considered to be the birthday of the TV channel - the day of the opening of the television correspondent office of the Poltava Regional Television and Radio Committee, which prepared local materials for Ukrainian television. ODTRK started working on its own television channel in 1991.

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