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Russian Warship, Go F Yourself

In 1991, 70 years of Soviet totalitarianism collapsed. The economy of the USSR stagnated and the people wanted freedom and democracy. Then there were 10 years of freedom – people’s lives were difficult, but there was no dictatorship. Unfortunately, there was no tribunal over communism and the crimes of Soviet power. Therefore, 10 years later Putinism appeared – a new dictatorship.

The first president of free Russia, Boris Yeltsin, made a mistake in 1999 and helped corrupt officials bring Putin to power. Here are the “victories” of Putinism for 25 years: Destruction of freedom of speech and the press, total corruption, murder of political opponents and journalists, wars of aggression against neighboring countries, political repression, poor quality of life and the environment.

in 2014, the maniac Putin occupied the Ukrainian Crimea and parts of Donbass. On February 22, 2022, necrophiliac Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine. The bloody war is in its third year. This war has no purpose or meaning. This war is needed only by one sick bastard in the Kremlin. Putin has already killed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians.

In the name of saving humanity, Putin’s mafia gang must be immediately destroyed. We need an international tribunal over this despotism so that this never happens again. Putin is an international terrorist, war criminal, mass murderer and maniac.

Support Ukraine!
Victory of Ukraine = Collapse of Putinism.

Live Updates: War in Ukraine. Breaking news about the war in Ukraine. We present two interactive online maps (DeepState Map and Liveuamap) with updates every hour.

+ DeepState Map – Interactive online map of military operations in Ukraine. (ОТКРЫТЬ ОКНО)

+ Liveuamap – Russia-Ukraine war – Interactive Map: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (ОТКРЫТЬ ОКНО)

Live broadcast of Ukrainian and international TV channels – The truth about the war in Ukraine:

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