Live Ukrainian TV: Shuster Live talk-show from Kiev

Watch Shuster Live Talk Show Live Tv From Kiev

Watch "Shuster Live" / "Freedom of speech by Savik Shuster" talk-show Live TV from Ukraine (Kiev)

The most popular socio-political talk show in Ukraine, "Shuster Live" / "Freedom of speech by Savik Shuster", stopped airing after the Russian invasion in February 2022. But every Friday evening, Alesia Batsman and Savik Shuster make a stream where they discuss the hottest news of the political week in Ukraine.

The talk show, founded in 2008, previously aired on Fridays in prime time and lasted up to five hours. Popular politicians, political scientists, journalists, civil activists, musicians and artists were invited to the talk show. Audience polls on the issues discussed were conducted live in the studio.

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