Live Ukrainian TV: Poglyad TV from Irpin

Watch Poglyad TV Live TV from Irpin

Watch Poglyad TV Live TV from Irpin

Poglyad TV Live TV from Irpin

Watch Poglyad TV Live TV from Irpin


POGLYAD is the largest media outlet in the Kyiv region, which has been reporting local and all-Ukrainian news since 2016. The Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine directly affected POGLYAD. Our office and innovative television studio in Bucha was destroyed and looted by enemy soldiers during the occupation of the region. All the equipment and the entire archive of materials, which was created during our work, were lost.

But the most important thing is not lost - people. We continue to work as a virtual newsroom on the website, YouTube channel, Facebook pages and Telegram, and resume daily filming about life in Irpen, Gostomel, Bucha and the Kyiv region. Our mission now is to record, archive and highlight the numerous crimes of the Russian troops, the destruction and personal stories of the residents of the region, proactive initiatives and projects.

Our goal is to informationally unite the community of Priirpinia, to fill the media space of the metropolitan region of Kyiv region with objective independent content about the Kyiv region, Ukraine and the world.

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