Live Ukrainian TV: Tretiy Kanal from Odessa

Watch Tretiy Kanal Live TV from Odessa

Watch Tretiy Kanal Live TV from Odessa

Tretiy Kanal Live TV from Odessa

Watch Tretiy Kanal Live TV from Odessa


"The Third Channel" is already on the digital air of the Odessa region and in cable networks. We are not very similar to classical television: we are bad at telling nonsense with a serious look and puffing out our cheeks on the air. On the other hand, we are good at telling interesting stories without too much pathos and love to understand complex topics in order to translate difficult-to-understand rantings into the lively Odessa language.

Information and analytical TV channel. "Third Digital" - a TV channel in Odessa - is a new media format of integrated broadcasting, including world news in an exclusive review through Reuters. And also, coverage of the main events of the city, region and country. Third Digital is a TV channel that has been broadcasting on the territory of Odessa on cable networks and on digital air in Odessa since February 15, 2013.

As stated at the channel's presentation on February 14, 2013, "the product will carry the knowledge of the youth and comfort the elderly." The format of the TV channel provides coverage of city life using the latest technologies: portable video cameras, helicopter stations and mobile TV stations, as well as online connections from mobile phone clients. The channel's credo: "Live content feed!".

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