Live Ukrainian TV: INTB Ternopil from Ternopil

Watch INTB Ternopil Live TV from Ternopil

Watch INTB Ternopil Live TV from Ternopil

INTB Ternopil Live TV from Ternopil

Watch INTB Ternopil Live TV from Ternopil


INTB is a local television information and entertainment channel of Ternopil. The legal name is PE "Teleradiokompaniya "SMAIL" (Ternopil). The channel officially started broadcasting on June 2, 2007. Until October 1, 2009, he spoke under the call sign and logo "Smile-TV". On January 25, 2010, the TV channel started online broadcasting on the Internet.

INTB TV channel is the first information television of Ternopil. We have been working in the television space of the city and region for 12 years. During this time, we: Filmed more than fifteen thousand stories and showed them in more than 3,000 (three thousand) news releases. The audience was introduced to hundreds of residents of our region, who make an incredible contribution to the development of their homeland every day. Dozens of information and entertainment programs have been released. The most important events were shown through the eyes of our journalists. They visited hot spots and dangerous situations. We analyzed terabytes of information from various sources – from print media to comments on social networks.

Since September 2020, we have changed our strategy and now focus on the informational component of our broadcast. We have ambitious plans for the future: even more live broadcasts, even sharper discussions, even more efficient work with information. We are evolving to cover more events and reach a wider audience. We change every day, striving for perfection.

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