Watch Port-Mone TV Live TV from Kiev

Watch Port Mone Tv Live Tv From Kiev

Watch Port-Mone TV Live TV from Kiev


PORT-MONE TV - Ukrainian TV channel with universal themes, which broadcasts as Internet TV to analog in Russian from Kyiv. PORT-MONE TV - channel for intelligent audience that an intelligent and has long ceased to watch regular television entertainment, preferring to author content on the Internet network.

PORT-MONE.TV is an information project, which is a kind of alternative, different, not similar to those sources of information that are found on the web. Here you will find the most useful, really necessary information for your life. Starting from the domestic sphere and business to self-improvement and answers to eternal questions: who am I? what should I do? how to find your place in this world?

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PORT MONE TV - Only useful economic/financial/trading news from a truly independent TV channel. Earn money, don't listen to propaganda!

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