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Watch UA Mykolaiv Live TV from Mykolaiv
The branch of JSC NSTU “Mykolaiv Regional Directorate” (formerly – Mykolaiv Regional State Television and Radio Company, Mykolaiv ODTRK, MODTRK, UA: Mykolaiv) is a regional state television and radio company, the main regional media broadcaster of Mykolaiv region. Located in Nikolaev.

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Since 2017 it is a branch of the Ukrainian Public Broadcasting – the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine. The history of the Nikolaev regional radio dates back to 1925. Then the Resolution on allocation of means for the equipment of the Nikolaev radio station in the amount of 16 thousand rubles was accepted. Work on its construction began in 1927. In 1929 the first broadcast of the play took place on the radio. The Nikolaev television studio began its work on December 13, 1959.

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