Freedom UA TV Live from Kiev

Watch Freedom Live TV Ukraine Live TV from Kiev

Watch Freedom Live TV Ukraine Live TV from Kiev

Watch Freedom UA TV LIVE TV from Ukraine (Kiev)

Freedom TV broadcasts in Russian to tell the truth about Putin’s dirty war against Ukraine. The channel broadcasts live 24 hours a day. Freedom UA TV counters fakes and disinformation of the Kremlin propaganda and is designed for Russian-speaking audiences around the world in order to disseminate objective, balanced information about the situation in Ukraine. Freedom UA TV was founded in 2015.


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Live Updates: War in Ukraine. Breaking news about the war in Ukraine. We present two interactive online maps (DeepState Map and Liveuamap) with updates every hour.

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+ DeepState Map – Interactive online map of military operations in Ukraine. (OPEN WINDOW)

+ Liveuamap – Russia-Ukraine war – Interactive Map: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (OPEN WINDOW)

In the name of saving humanity, Putin’s mafia gang, which usurped the state in Russia in 1999 and turned it into a tool for crime, must be destroyed immediately. In addition to the tribunal over Putinism, it is necessary to hold a trial over communism with lustration without statute of limitations. Putin is an international terrorist, war criminal, murderer and maniac. Putinism must be eliminated or it will destroy planet Earth. Support Ukraine!

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