Live Ukrainian TV: NTA Channel from Lviv

Watch NTA Channel Live TV from Lviv

Watch NTA Channel Live TV from Lviv

NTA Channel Live TV from Lviv

Watch NTA Channel Live TV from Lviv


NTA TV channel (Independent Television Agency) is a Ukrainian information and entertainment TV channel that speaks from Lviv. The slogan of the TV channel "Direct speech of Lviv" reflects the specificity of the content that is broadcast. Today, the network has more than 15 projects of its own production: news, investigations, social and cultural programs, author interviews and talk shows. Programs produced by the NTA TV channel allow you to experience the amazing flavor of Western Ukraine, immerse yourself in the world of legends and traditions, historical facts and interesting personalities.

The TV channel became more famous with the opening of the Main Conversation Platform of Western Ukraine - the launch of the television project "Great Lviv Speaks", which is broadcast live every Thursday. The unique tv-hub gathers authoritative experts every week to discuss the most relevant and pressing topics in Ukrainian society. Among the guests of the talk show are people's representatives, leading political scientists, economists, journalists, opinion leaders and political experts.

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