Watch First Channel Live TV from Odessa

Watch New Odessa Live Tv From Ukraine

First Channel Live TV from Odessa

Watch First Channel Live TV from Odessa


First Channel of Odessa - Objective, detailed and rich picture of the day through the eyes of our correspondents. Major urban developments, latest weather forecast, the analyst clear: a brief, accessible, informative. You are the first to know about everything that is happening in our city.

"First Talk Radio" is a YouTube channel where you will find many interesting interviews and other talk projects on current and interesting topics. Every day we release new videos about politics, economy, social sphere, culture, tourism, music, urban studies, sports and much more. "First Talk Radio" is the YouTube channel of the "First City Radio", based in Odessa and broadcasting on the wave 102.7 FM. We have a modern studio at our disposal, which helps to create the highest quality podcasts.

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