Live Ukrainian TV: PTV UA from Poltava

Watch PTV UA Live TV from Poltava

Watch PTV UA Live TV from Poltava

UA Poltava Live TV

Watch PTV UA Live TV from Poltava


On February 24, the world changed — Putin unleashed a war! Russian troops invaded the territory of Ukraine. But we didn’t get scared, we didn’t run away, we work without days off or breaks. We are available 24/7, so you can contact us on social networks at any hour of the day – we will promptly respond and provide information. Look for us on all platforms under the nickname PTV.UA, we speak throughout the territory of the Poltava region and in Poltava itself in T2. It is very important to defeat the enemy informationally!

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“PTV” is a Poltava TV channel, which was founded in February 2019. Formerly “Poltava: Public Television”. The history of the TV channel begins after the revolutionary events of the tumultuous year of 2014, when TV channels appeared in each regional center of Ukraine, which later became the “public television” network.

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