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Watch CK1 Channel Live TV from Zhytomyr

Watch CK1 Channel Live TV from Zhytomyr
SK1 is a stylish, progressive, modern, intellectual and professional TV channel. Team SK1 united creative people to produce quality content for every taste of every spectator. Potential audience of the channel - about 500 000 viewers! News feeds, analytical, discussion and author's programs, concerts, and entertainment shows are broadcast on the channel. About two thirds of airtime are broadcast live broadcasts. The TV channel combines two key areas of content: informational, analytical and entertainment. Information and analytical programs are aimed at highlighting true information on politics, public life, society, economy, as well as culture and sports. Entertaining programs contain humor and positive, their main task - to raise the mood to the viewer. SK1 tells what is really important and gives the floor to everyone. We do not decide for you, and together with you are looking for answers to questions that are facing the public.

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